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Below you will find the race result for each year along with details of the winner and first women.

If you have old photos of the race please forward to the facebook page.

2017 Race Report 20/05/2017.

2017 Winner.

Matthew Roberts,
Calder Valley Fell runners, in 1:24:08.

2017 First Woman.

Sarah Ridgway,
Mercia Fell Runners, in 1:43:32.

Age category winners below, hope to see you all again in 2018:
1st Man, Matthew Roberts, Calder Valley, 1.24.08.
2nd, Robin Woods, Builth and District, 1.30.02.
3rd, Jez Brown, Buckley, 1.30.15.

1st Woman, Sarah Ridgway, Mercia, 1.43.32.
2nd, Helen Brown, Mynydd Du, !.53.11.
3rd, Jessica Richardson, 1.54.25.

First Man U/23, David Lawson, 01.40.56.
M40, Paul Jones, Mercia, 01.34.34.
M50. Christian Poulton, Cambridge, 01.38.32.
M60, Iwan Edgar, Eryri, 01.52.14.

First Woman U/23, Hazel MacLean, 02.15.27.
F40,Kate Whitfield, 02.00.33.
F50, Rona Davies, 02.08.39.
F60, Elspeth Knott, Harwich, 02.27.53

Nearly 100 kids took part in the Ras y Gader 2017 junior races. They all seemed pleased with their medals and hot dogs afterwards. Continued thanks to Jamie Skelton of JGS Electrical who sponsors the race.
The winners of this years races were:

Fun Run
1st Boy Johnny Leeds, Dolgellau
1st Girl Rhiana Williams, Dolgellau

U/12 Race
1st Boy Callum Morgan, Maldwyn Harriers
1st Girl Rhianna Williams, Dolgellau

U/14 Race
1st Boy Theo Watson, Dolgellau
1st Girl Carys Simmonds, @ Academi Coed Y Brenin

U/16 Race
1st Boy Ben Daniels, Bro Dysynni
1st Girl Lleucu Lane, Academi Coed Y Brenin

2016 Race Report 21/05/2016

2016 Winner.

Jon Bowie,
Mercia Fell Runners, in 1:26:25.

2016 First Woman.

Emma Gould,
Mercia Fell Runners, in 1:41:12.

Follow the link 2016 Results here.

For the first time in the events 25 year history the race sold out, with 300 runners registering prior to race day.

The use of chip timing and increased use of social media through “sponsored” facebook posts appears to have seen us at last reach this organiser’s race nirvana. No entries on the day mean fewer volunteers were needed to sort the queues of runners at registration as everyone just turns up to collect their pre-printed number, no time keepers were required at the finish line trying to read minutely folded race numbers and no one was manually inputting hundreds of results into the computer. One or two grumbles were aired pre-race about the increased cost of the event (£15 pre entry + booking fee) but these were far outweighed by the delighted feedback of newcomers to Ras y Gader. The increased sponsorship from Robinsons Brewery/Royal Ship Hotel and no longer giving out cash prizes had allowed the committee to redistribute these funds to help keep down the cost of race entry for everyone.

The event was once again started by the race Patron, Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, and a total of 234 runners completed the course, sent on their merry way by the Batalla Bermo samba band who entertained the crowds in the town square. Many of the pre entries who were absent may have been put off from collecting their numbers on race day due to the rather wet nature of the weather!

The race was won by Jon Bowie of Mercia in a time of 1.26.25, with race stalwart Richard Roberts of Eryri second (1.28.18) and George Foster of Ambleside third (1.28.46). First lady was Emma Gould also of Mercia in 1.41.12, with an under the weather Miranda Grant of Eryri in second (1.42.19) and Katie Beecher of Mynydd Du in third (1.47.52). In the age categories first junior man was Owen Roberts of Eryri in 1.32.03, first 0/40 was Martin Cliffe also of Eryri in 1.36.14, first 0/50 was Mark Palmer of Mynydd Du in 1.35.24, and first 0/60 was Graham Jones of Shrewsbury in 1.47.04. The first lady 0/40 was Nina Skilton of Cannock Stafford AC in 1.58.47 and first 0/50 was Rona Davies of Mynydd Du in 2.07.39.

The creation of a promotion film which the committee had organised became somewhat of a damp squib due to the weather, as the drones could not fly on the mountain with the low cloud. This project will hopefully be attempted again next year as several local businesses were willing to offer financial support to partly cover the cost of production.

The junior races, once again sponsored by JGS Electric attracted over 100 competitors in the various categories with the fun run as ever packed with enthusiastic infants. A concern had been raised the year before that some of the smaller children may be knocked over and trampled in the enthusiastic fun run mass start, so to alleviate this junior race organiser Tom Roberts sorted the children into size categories with taller (likely faster) kids at the front and the younger (slower) at the rear of the starting line – and all seemed to work well. Registering the fun run downstairs in the Free Library worked really well as the separation from the main race and other junior races lessened the chaos and confusion of previous years.

There is no plan to expand the size of the race as the committee has always felt that a 300 limit is suitable in capacity to make the race sustainable in terms of environmental damage and to maintain the quality of the experience for runners and other walkers on the mountain in terms of queues at styles and gates and congestion on the mountain and summit. There is an expectation however that the race may start to sell out more quickly in future and local runners will need to be on the ball so as not to miss out.

The committee as ever would like to thank the people of Dolgellau for their tremendous vocal support on the day, the 50+ marshals and volunteers and the local businesses and residents for their continued support and toleration. Donations will be made by the committee to 2 local clubs/organisations to be decided at the AGM.

Graeme Stringer, Race Director.

Results 2015:

Follow the link here.

2015 Winner.

Felipe Jones,
Aberystwyth AC, in 1:24:17.

2015 First Woman.

Lauren Jeska,
Eryri, in 1:38:24.

Results for 2014.

Follow the link here.

2014 Winner.

Felipe Jones ,
Aberystwyth AC, in 1:25:52.

2014 First Woman.

Jackie Lee,
Eryri, in 1:37:32.

Results 2013.

Follow the link here.

2013 Winner.

Ifan Richards,
Meirionnydd, in 1:31:02.

2013 First Woman.

Lauren Jeska,
Aberystwyth AC, in 1:42:01.

Results 2012.

Follow the link here.

2012 Winner.

Mathew Roberts,
Eryri, in 1:28:43.

2012 First Woman.

Lauren Jeska,
Aberystwyth AC, in 1:41:14.

Results 2011.

Follow the link here.

2011 Winner.

Lloyd Taggart,
Dark Peak Fell Runners, in 1:26:25.

2011 First Woman.

Katie Beecher,
Les Croupiers, in 1:49:39.

Results 2003.

Follow the link To do! here.

2004 Winner.

Morgan Donnelly,
NER, in 1:24:02.

2004 First Woman.

Jackie Lee,
Eryri, in 1:49:21.

Results 2003.

Follow the link To do! here.

2003 Winner.

Dylan Jones,
Eryri, in 1:30:00.

2003 First Woman.

Andrea Goode,
Bro Dysynni, in 2:04:14.

Results 2002 (short race).

Follow the link To do! here.

2002 Winner.

Colin Donelly,
Eryri, in 1:19:55.
(short race)

2002 First Woman.

Andrea Goode,
Bro Dysynni, in 1:44:49.
(short race)

Results 2001.

No race held due to Foot and Mouth disease.

No Winner.

No First Woman.

Results 2000.

Follow the link here.

2000 Winner.

Ian Holmes,
Bingley, in 1:25:27.

2000 First Woman.

Angela Mudge,
Carnethy Harriers, in 1:38:39.

Results 1999.

Follow the link here.

1999 Winner.

Colin Donnelly,
Eryri, in 1:24:12.

1999 First Woman.

Dawn O’Shea,
Northbrooke A.C., in 2:00:23.

Results 1998.

Follow the link here.

1998 Winner.

Colin Donnelly,
Eryri, in 1:25:30.

1998 First Woman.

Helen Johnson,
lkley Harriers, in 1:55:00.

Results 1997.

Follow the link here.

1997 Winner.

Colin Donnelly,
Eryri, in 1:27:44.

1997 First Woman.

Jenny Hemming,
Eryri, in 1:55:19.

Results 1996.

Follow the link here.

1996 Winner.

Colin Donnelly,
Eryri, in 1:21:18.

1996 First Woman.

Jean Shotter,
Pudsey and Bramley, in 1:53:47.

Results 1995.

Follow the link here.

1995 Winner.

Colin Donnelly,
Eryri, in 1:25:17.

1995 First Woman.

K Harvey,
Alt, in 1:47:52.

Results 1994.

Follow the link here.

1994 Winner.

Paul Sheard,
Pudsey and Bramley, in 1:18:20(short).

1994 First Woman.

Kirty Brian-Jones,
Dark Peak Fell Runners, in 1:45:00.

Results 1993.

Follow the link here.

1993 Winner.

Will Ramsbotham,
Pudsey and Bramley, in 1:25:23.

1993 First Woman.

Janet Tyler,
Croft Ambrey, in 1:59:27.

Results 1992.

Follow the link here.

1992 Winner.

Emlyn Roberts,
Eryri, in 1:30:39.

1992 First Woman.

Alice Bedwell,
Mynyddwyr de cymru, in 1:43:29.

Results 1991.

Follow the link here.

1991 Winner.

Dafydd Roberts,
Hebog, in 1:28:14.

1991 First Woman.

?, in ?.